We continued to develop products to solve real problems.  My father-in-law developed the first alarm seatbelt for preventing falls from wheelchairs and the high-tech remote BedSide Sentinel™.  My wife, an RN came up with the Catheter Bag Cover.  I came up with the Reversible Repositioning Indicator Pad.  Other products were suggested by customers, like the new Wheelchair Footrest Caddy, which keeps wheelchair footrests with the chair when they're not in use.



What we don't do is fill our catalog with "me too" products, the stuff everybody else sells.  Competing with Briggs, McKesson, and the other giants isn't what we do best.  our job, as we see it, is to listen...to listen to your needs, ideas, and concerns, and to develop innovative and economical solutions to your care and compliance problems. You'll find us easy to work with.  Chances are almost 100% that you'll be able to complete your order, including getting answers to any questions, with the person who answers the phone when you call 1-800-336-1414.  No voice mail, no "hold for the next available representative," and no automated phone menus.  Just knowledgeable people trying their best to give you good service and make you a customer for life. Thanks for listening.  I hope you'll find some products that'll help make your job easier and your residents safer and happier.  Call us at 1-800-336-1414.  You'll get our best!  

Robb Ruyle